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Binoculars Campsite Campsite Coyote Goat
observing through 10X
campsite at Wonder Lake
...in the shadow of "the mountain"
one of 4 wolf pups seen through the willows on the shoulder of Cathedral Mt.
Gyrfalcons (right rock outcrop) build nests in the cliffs - good Dall sheep habitat

Goat Group Group Sign Lake Moose Mountain Road
Dall sheep rams overlooking Toklat river, east fork
mile marker 85, Denali National Park

Mount McKinley reflected in Wonder Lake

huge bull moose feeding on underwater vegetation
Polychrome pass access road - by park bus only

mountains Train Waterfall Whitewater Whitewater2
brochure cover photo - 11 pm "sunset" shot the Alaska railroad just south of Denali park
sea kayak from Whittier to view Bald Eagles and Kittiwakes
Nenana river rafting adventure - 4 "visible" rafters and guide
Nenana river - 10 rafters with paddles, helmets, and guide

bear sheep gruop climbers
young 3-4 year old Grizzly is several hundred pounds of brown bear
Dall sheep ram grazing on Primrose Ridge, near top of Mt. Margaret
picnic lunch with a view, just north of Wonder Lake
day hike scramble up a rocky ridge

hiker Prairie Dog

packing camp supplies through backcountry section #6 Arctic ground squirrel posing near his tundra burrow